my specialties


Prenatal Therapy

Psychotherapy to support women experiencing the rites of passage, initiations and transformation of pregnancy.

Postpartum Therapy

Psychotherapy to support women experiencing the physical, emotional, energetic, and interpersonal transformation of postpartum.

Chronic Pain, Insomnia, and/or Trauma Therapy

Specialized psychotherapy for those struggling with chronic pain, insomania, and/or trauma

Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy to help couples connect, have healthy conflict, and repair after disconnection

Family Therapy

Psychotherapy to help immediate and/or extended family members, connect, have healthy conflict and repair after disconnection

Child/Adolescent Therapy

Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and their families. 

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My Approach

Loving Presence

Loving presence is the embodiment of unconditional love and mindfulness. Loving presence is what I strive to embody in sessions with my clients. It is my role to create the container/the environment where self-healing and repair can occur for the client. Loving presence is also what I help clients tap into as they gain awareness of limiting beliefs and maladaptive patterns while remaining non-judgmental and compassionate towards themselves and each other. Loving presence is a therapy technique, healing energy in the therapy room, unconditional positive regard, deep listening, state of consciousness, mindfulness practice, and spiritual practice.

Somatic (Mind-body Connection)

One access route to the unconscious is through the body’s messengers including sensations, emotions, tension, and posture. The body remembers everything. The past shows up in the present of the body. The mind and body are in constant communication and have a reciprocal relationship. Our body is our memory keeper, connection to Earth, and protector. I look for moments to help the client experience in the present rather than talk about past experience. I help clients resource their body to self-regulate and gain self awareness.


I respect the holistic/systemic nature of the mind, body, and spirit and the individual, family, and society. I understand that change in one part of the system affects the whole. For instance, I view the family as an organism/living system. Symptoms in one individual may reflect an imbalance in the family system as a whole. I believe that all things are interconnected in this web of life.


I believe you are the expert in your life. I may know a few things about human processes however, I’ll never be the expert or an authority on you. Our therapeutic relationship is a human-to-human relationship where we collaborate and co-explore what unfolds together. I will always show up in my authenticity and view you as the miraculous, autonomous multi-faceted being you are.


What we look for, we find. I focus on strengths, resources available and solutions. I see you in your wholeness and as part of a greater whole that includes family, culture, and society. I will not pathologize you. Where I have control within the bounds of the Western medical model, I will stay true to my training and not reinforce a narrative of “illness”. I view what’s coming up for you as adaptive in some way to a dysfunctional environment. The environment may be present currently, or held as memories in your cells from the past. There’s nothing wrong with you. Together, we can help your body perceive safety and see what parts of your environment (relationships, lifestyle, belief system, boundaries ect.) are changeable to help you achieve your goals.


It’s my job to maintain safety in the therapeutic relationship and therapy process. I will not assume that what is helpful, comfortable, and feels safe for one client will be so for another. I know that we are all shaped by our unique history. I will meet you where you’re at and guide you to your growth edge when we both decide you’re ready while helping to maintain safety.


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