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Prenatal Psychotherapy

Pregnancy is a deeply transformative process on a physical, interpersonal, emotional, mental, and energetic level. It’s no wonder you may be feeling raw, vulnerable, not yourself and in deep need of nourishment on all levels when pregnant. We are not designed to go through it alone. It would be an honor to be a guide, witness, and support for you during your journey through pregnancy. When mother’s thrive, babies thrive, communities thrive, humanity thrives. Not feeling like your thriving? There is nothing wrong with you. Our modern culture forgot how to support pregnant women. My prayer is for us all to remember. It would be an honor to be a part of your support team. I offer in-person therapy in Stamford, Connecticut, and tele-health for those in Connecticut and New York. Call, text, or email me to book a free phone consultation to determine if my psychotherapy services would be helpful for you.

Prenatal Psychotherapy is perfect for you if you’re feeling any of the following…

Anxious with scary thoughts

Confused by how much you're crying

Overwhelmed with old emotional wounds coming back up


Nervous to give birth

Stuck in a negative mindset

Nervous of losing baby

Unprepared for postpartum

In need of more support

You are not alone. There is nothing wrong with you. What you’re going through makes sense given all the changes you are experiencing, what you have experienced, how much you are transforming, and the lack of support for mothers in our modern culture. With the right support, things can get better and you can thrive. I honor you and your journey.  It would be a privilege to work with you.

Prenatal Psychotherapy can help you…

Define what thriving means for you

Acknowledge, honor and process emotions around identity changes

Gain mindfulness skills to help you navigate scary thoughts

Navigate intense waves of emotion during pregnancy, labor, and birth

Explore what kind of parent you intend on being

Center and ground yourself

Unlearn social conditioning not serving you

Integrate new empowering and nourishing beilefs and ways of being

Improve your relationship with your body, your unborn, your intuition, and the unknown

Create boundaries with yourself and others that nourish and honor you

Advocate for yourself with family members and your birth team

Create a support plan for birth and postpartum

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