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Postpartum wellness is important for all women who have been pregnant, especially for those who experienced miscarriage, a difficult or traumatic birth, and/or abortion. The body, mind, and spirit need to replenish what they gave prenatally and integrate the impactful experience.

If you are postpartum, you deserve to rest. You have completed one of nature’s initiations and rites of passage. The postpartum period is a time for replenishing reserves, integration, and receiving support.

If you are a new mother, the postpartum period welcomes you to the intense process of matrescence, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social transition to becoming a mother. Matresence applies to all new mothers, including mothers through adoption.

Postnatal depletion on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level are all too common in our modern world. There is nothing wrong with you if you are struggling in the postpartum period. Our modern way of life forgot how to support women during the critical postpartum period.  With the right support you can be well.

Whether it’s been days or years in postpartum, postpartum psychotherapy can support you in integrating your prenatal experience, and helping you resource yourself and others to replenish and nourish yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.

I offer in-person therapy in Stamford, Connecticut, and tele-health for those in Connecticut and New York. I also have availability in upcoming Postpartum Women’s Circle. Learn more and reserve a spot below. Call, text, email or click the button below to book a free phone consultation to determine if my psychotherapy services would be helpful for you.

Postpartum psychotherapy may be right for you if you’re feeling…

Anxious with scary thoughts


Stuck in a mental loop


Old emotional wounds coming up

A lack of support

Not yourself

Overwhelmed with emotions

Emotionally numb

Distant from your body

Full of rage

'On' all of the time

Postpartum Psychotherapy can help you…

Gain education about universal physiological needs of women in postpartum

Gain education about newborn care

Process your birth story

Integrate ancestral trauma

Advocate for yourself to receive more support

Create boundaries with yourself and others that honor and nourish you

Gain tools to navigate intense emotions

Nourish self with new beliefs and thoughts

Harvest wisdom from experiences

Improve relationship with own intuition and body intelligence


Build community and gain skills to repair relationship with others

Gain self-awareness of beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you

Gain referrals of health providers to assist with aspects of postpartum wellbeing outside the scope of psychotherapy

Parent in alignment with your values

Self-regulate and co-regulate nervous system

“The natural rhythm of the Earth and of Life–is that there is a period of growth and a period of rest. This is how balance is created.

Pregnancy represents the time of growth, and therefore the postpartum period represents the time of rest.

In the modern world, there is no value given to rest– modern culture is focused on constant growth. To rest in the postpartum time is to be in harmony with the natural rhythms of Life. To be in harmony with the natural rhythms of Life is our path to health.”

Rachelle Garcia Seliga

The best way to take care of a newborn is to take care of the mother.

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