Animal Totem Teen Group

Join us in-person every Friday from 3:30pm-4:30pm starting September 23rd, 2022

Group Description

I strongly believe that nature is our greatest teacher. It’s a passion of mine to help people reconnect with the innate intelligence of animals, the Earth, and their bodies. My deep reverence for nature and experience guiding teens towards their inner wisdom and wellbeing in wilderness therapy, outpatient, residential, IOP, and PHP settings led to my creation of this support group. This ongoing and open group meets in person in Norwalk, CT most Fridays of Fall 2022 and is available to 13-17-year-olds. Each session centers around the wisom of a particular animal to inspire conversations, art, mindfulness, journaling, and skill learning. The sessions are meant to be creative, personalized, and interactive. The group is available to up to 9 participants

Group Facilitator
Group Therapist

Jessica Riocci, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering virtual sessions for those residing in CT and NY and in-person sessions in Norwalk, CT. Jessica works with adults, children, teens, families, and prenatal and postpartum women. Many of Jessica’s clients initiate therapy when experiencing significant life changes, anxiety, and/or depression. Jessica often has clients that seek her out for a more holistic, somatic, and strength-based approach to their mental health care. Jessica is particularly passionate about serving the perinatal population. Jessica has advanced training in the area of maternal mental health, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and postpartum care.

Jessica uses a systemic theoretical orientation and integrates experiential, mindfulness, cognitive, behavioral, and somatic interventions depending on the client’s needs. Jessica’s clients often leave therapy with new helpful perspectives, more self-awareness, action steps to help them achieve their goals, and more experience and skills in mindfulness, feeling safer in their body, processing and integrating painful experiences, and staying within their window of tolerance amidst a wider range of emotions.

Jessica’s style is warm, creative, and intuitive. When a client first comes in, the presenting problem, history, exceptions to the presenting problem, current supports, and goals for therapy are explored. Jessica is dedicated to providing a relationship that is collaborative and respects you as the authority and change-maker in your life.

Jessica received a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fairfield University. Jessica gained experience at Coastal Connecticut Counseling, Southwest CT Mental Health Systems, and Discovery Behavioral which gave them valuable experience in working with children, families, adolescents, the mental health system at large, and significant anxiety and depression. Outside of private practice, Jessica enjoys spending time in nature and exploring other healing modalities and traditions from cultures across time and space.

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