A Holistic Perspective On Pregnancy Illuminates Need For Grounding

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Pregnant and feel like everything’s been turned on LOUD? Feeling extra raw, vulnerable, and emotional? Perhaps you’ve noticed your motherly intuition is on high gear and you’re feeling what others are feeling around you? Is your mind running a mile a minute with reminders of your next health appointments and of old emotional wounds unhealed?

When pregnant, your chakras or energy centers are very open. Therefore, there’s more information coming into and from your energy centers than usual.  We have open energy centers to thank for both a mother’s heightened intuition and heightened anxiety. Open energy centers are necessary to serve as a portal for a baby to come through on an energetic level just like expanding bellies are necessary to make room for a growing baby, and a dilated cervix is necessary to allow a baby to come down the vaginal canal.

In the past, people understood the openness and vulnerability necessary to bring in new life leading mothers to be treated with great care. Today in modern Western society, the physical vulnerability of pregnant women is well understood while the emotional and energetic vulnerability lacks the same understanding. The interconnectedness of the physical, emotional, and energetic is understood even less. With open energy centers leading to more porous energetic boundaries, it’s important for the wellbeing of your whole self to have grounding techniques to use to re-center yourself and replenish your inner resources.

Here is a link to our article on grounding techniques that work for pregnant women and all people alike.

Pregnancy is a deeply transformative process on a physical, interpersonal, emotional, and energetic level. We are not meant to go through it alone. Loving Presence Therapy is here to help. Call, text, or email to book a free phone consultation to determine if our psychotherapy services would be helpful for you.



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