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Loving Presence Therapy specializes in holistic wellness 

and is currently offering  tele-health psychotherapy services for those located in CT and NY.

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individual, family, & group

Psychotherapy services are available for adults, children, and teens






Hey There! I’m Jessica

Psychotherapist, Spiritual Seeker and Reiki Master

I am so glad you’re here. I specialize in treating anxiety and depression from a holistic perspective, maternal mental health, fertility, and the wellness of highly sensitive children and teens

I believe in your ability to heal. I trust your body’s wisdom. I respect your autonomy. I see you as unconditionally lovable.

My approach honors the interconnected nature of the mind-body-spirit and the individual-family-society. I see you in your wholeness capable of reaching your fullest potential. 

My therapeutic style is warm, creative, and intuitive.

I offer telehealth psychotherapy services for those residing in New York and Connecticut. I offer in-person psychotherapy services in Norwalk, Connecticut. Feel free to call at 914-214-7031 or email me at jessica@lovingpresencetherapy.com to book a free phone consultation.

I can’t wait to hear from you!




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Therapists are not one size fits all. Let’s chat and see if it makes sense to move forward together and book an intake session. If you or I believe someone else would be of more support, I will happily provide referrals.

Humanity depends on the health of mothers

When mothers thrive, babies thrive, families thrive, communities thrive, humanity thrives.

mother’s are the center of it all


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The basic task of helping professionals in general, and psychotherapist’s in particular, is to become full human beings, and to inspire full human being-ness in others who feel starved about their lives

Chogyam Trungpa

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